Debt Collection Defense Attorney

What is a Debt Collection Defense Attorney?

Atlanta Debt Collection Defense Lawyer

A debt collection defense attorney is the lawyer you turn to when your credit card company or a debt collector files a lawsuit against you for an unpaid balance.

While many people believe that they have to pay every penny claimed by the debt collector, thousands of lawsuits are successfully concluded, with the consumer paying little to nothing.

Our debt Atlanta defense collection lawyer will be your advocate, protecting your rights.

How a Debt Collection Defense Attorney Can Help

A debt collection defense attorney will defend you from the adverse effects of a credit card company or debt collector filing a lawsuit. Diwan Law is well versed in collection litigation and has the necessary knowledge and experience to stand by you in the fight against credit card companies or debt collectors.

Many people have no idea about the legal implications of dealing with debt collection companies because they are not educated about their rights. A lawsuit can easily cost you thousands of dollars, and if you are unaware of all your legal rights, you could lose thousands more in the end. This is why a debt collection defense attorney is essential.

Diwan Law will assert all viable defenses you may have, file the appropriate motions, and negotiate with the creditor.

What to Expect from a Debt Collection Defense Lawyer

Diwan Law works with people facing trouble with their credit card companies and other creditors. Diwan Law will provide advice about your rights and the law when dealing with a debt collection lawsuit.


Diwan Law is dedicated to representing consumers’ rights and works hard to get our clients the best result possible.

Diwan Law handles the defense of debt collection actions against consumers in the Magistrate, State, and Superior Courts of Georgia.

Diwan Law represents clients facing:

  • Debt buyer debt collection lawsuits (i.e. Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Asset Acceptance, Cavalry Portfolio Services, Unifund, etc.);
  • Original creditor debt collection lawsuits (i.e. American Express, Citibank, Suntrust, etc.);
  • Debt collection lawsuits arising from credit cards, automobile repossession deficiencies, apartment leases, and other contract-related matters;
  • Dormant judgment revival; and
  • Garnishment actions on bank accounts or wages.

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