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Magistrate Court- Small Claims Cases

Magistrate Court And Small Claims Cases In Georgia, magistrate court cases are small claims and are limited to cases in which the amount sought is $15,000 or less. Claims in magistrate court are heard and decided by a magistrate judge without a jury. Frequently, these cases relate to credit card debt or other small claims […]

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Debt Collection

What is Portfolio Recovery Associates? Portfolio Recovery Associates also know as PRA Portfolio Recovery or PRA is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world. This collection agency specializes in buying old debt from companies and trying to collect on it. With most cases involving charged-off debt, they can buy it for extremely […]

Setting Aside a Default Judgment

If a creditor or debt collector has served you with a lawsuit and you do not file an answer within 45 days, you may be able to avoid a default judgment and have your day in court. The following discussion summarizes Georgia’s policy of deciding cases based on the facts or “on the merits” rather […]


Suppose you are struggling to pay your debts. You may question whether you should hire a debt defense attorney or a debt settlement company to assist you in negotiating with the credit card company, debt collection attorney, or debt collector. In almost all cases, it is best to avoid debt settlement companies. Debt Settlement Generally […]

A Guide to Consumer Fraud in Georgia

As a consumer in Georgia, you have the legal right to truthful information about products and services you purchase or wish to purchase. When we make a purchase, we need to be able to trust the merchant is being truthful. But, when a business sells you something fraudulently, they need to be held accountable.  Consumer Fraud is […]

Few Consumers in Debt Lawsuits Have a Lawyer

Why do so few consumers in debt collection lawsuits have a debt defense lawyer? Unfortunately, the main reason is that many consumers choose to ignore the lawsuit because they do not think that they can succeed against the credit card company or debt collector. Sadly, if a defendant does not participate in the litigation, the […]

Sandy Springs Traffic Ticket Attorney

As a Sandy Springs Traffic Ticket Attorney, Diwan Law fights reckless driving tickets and all other traffic violations in Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas. Contact Diwan Law at 404-635-6883 today for a free consultation. GEORGIA RECKLESS DRIVING Georgia considers Reckless Driving a serious traffic violation. If convicted of reckless driving, the court may impose […]

What is Zombie Debt?

Once a certain amount of time has elapsed, a debt collector, credit card company, or creditor can no longer file suit against you to collect on the debt, but you still have to worry about a collector trying to collect this zombie debt. What is a Zombie Debt? Zombie debt is old debt that is […]