Cavalry SPV I, LLC

Cavalry SPV I LLC- Debt Buyer Lawsuit

What is Cavalry SPV I LLC?

Cavalry SPV I LLC is a debt buyer or purchaser of charged-off debt. Cavalry SPV I may show up on your credit report or may have served you with a collection lawsuit.

You are not alone. Each year, it files hundreds of debt collection lawsuits against consumers, using local Atlanta collection attorneys, such as Cooling & Winter, LLC.

What Should I Do if Cavalry Portfolio sues me?


Well, think about what will happen if you fight the Calvary lawsuit without an attorney.

The vast majority of these collection lawsuits end up with a judgment against the consumer. This is mostly because the consumer did not defend the lawsuit, and Calvary SPV I obtained either a default judgment or a summary judgment.

If you hire an experienced debt defense attorney, this junk debt buyer will usually wind up working out the lawsuit in one of three ways: 1) the consumer wins; 2) Calvary settles for less than the amount demanded in the complaint; 3)  Cavalry Portfolio voluntarily dismisses its lawsuit against you.

Common Defenses for Cavalry SPV I lawsuits:

  • The debt buyer does not have evidence to show that the customer owes the debt
  • The statute of limitations has expired
  • The debt collector can not prove the amount that it alleges you owe
  • Debt buyer can not prove that it is the right party in interest
  • Insufficient service
  • Inadmissible evidence.
  • Providing “robo-signed” or false affidavits regarding the consumer’s debt.

Diwan Law has fought and resolved many cases with the debt collectors and attorneys at Cavalry SPV I, LLC on behalf of our clients.

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