Few Consumers in Debt Lawsuits Have a Lawyer

Why do so few consumers in debt collection lawsuits have a debt defense lawyer?

Unfortunately, the main reason is that many consumers choose to ignore the lawsuit because they do not think that they can succeed against the credit card company or debt collector.

Sadly, if a defendant does not participate in the litigation, the creditor wins the case by default.

But, multiple studies have found that consumers who did have a debt defense lawyer in a debt claim were more likely than those without representation to win their cases or reach a settlement.

Debt Collection Lawsuits

Many people think that creditors prefer to avoid lawsuits because it requires them to pay lawyers and incur litigation costs. This is not true.

Creditors routinely file lawsuits against consumers based on allegations of unreported and missed payments, overdue fees, or charges not authorized by the consumer.

If a defendant fails to respond to the court summons or does not appear in court, the judge may rule in the plaintiff’s favor and issue a default judgment that may result in a monetary award against the defendant.

Default Judgments Can Exact Heavy Tolls On Consumers

Debt collection lawsuits that end in default judgments can have lasting consequences for consumers’ economic stability.

Besides the principal amount, the court may also award court and lawyer’s fees to the plaintiff, which can amount to thousands of dollars.

Once a creditor has a monetary judgment, it can garnish the consumer’s bank account and wages.

Post Judgment Interest

Once the monetary judgment is entered, post-judgment interest starts to accrue.

Post-Judgment Interest is interest on a court judgment that a creditor can collect from the time the judgment is entered in the court clerk’s record until it is satisfied.

Consumers who find themselves paying post-judgment interest on default judgments can face an even deeper cycle of debt.

Why Should You Hire a Collection Defense Lawyer?

A debt collection defense attorney plays an integral role in court proceedings.

A collections defense attorney will assert all viable defenses, file the appropriate motions, and negotiate with creditors.

In the majority of cases, customers with an experienced collection defense lawyer will have a better outcome, such as winning their case.


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